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Una Biologicals is an independent company proud to bring you Organic Beauty & Wellness products. All of our products are hand-crafted just for you.  

Because we believe that your body deserves the best that nature has to offer, we use only premium organic oils to nourish your skin and never include harsh chemicals, additives, or artificial fragrances.  Our goal is keep you Healthy & Gorgeous!

Health & Beauty Blog

This is where we can expand a little on the ideas of health & wellness.  All information is shared in the spirit of education and fun.  We hope you find a little inspiration, perhaps a new recipe, or even a new way of looking your day.  Thanks for spending a little time with an open mind.

~Namaste, Jessica

Brighten up with Grapefruit Oil

Jessica Graves

It feels like an endless string of grey days lately. However, if we turn to the plant world we can find some lovely friends to help us get through the cold winter months. Let's talk about that gorgeous citrus dream, Grapefruit!

Did you know that Grapefruit Essential oil is more than just a lovely scent?  Indeed, the beneficial properties of this essential oil are quite numerous. Grapefruit essential oil is antibacterial, antidepressant, astringent, antiseptic, diuretic, digestive, restorative, tonic, and stimulant.  

What does all this mean? Well it means that through the years Grapefruit oil has been used to boost mood and energy through aromatherapy (you just need to smell it). Along this line it has been used to treat fatigue, jet lag, depression, and exhaustion.   It has been used as a digestive aid, and is even purported as a diet aid as the aroma is said to help quell your appetite.  

Rubbed into sore joints and muscles, this oil is reported to help with arthritis and rheumatism, as well as headaches and menstrual cramps.  In addition it can help brighten skin and balance oily skin as an acne aid.  To make it even better, the constituents of this oil are said to break down and flush out fat cells, helping to reduce cellulite deposits when applied topically (Una is currently testing this theory for you).

Like many citrus oils, the germ fighting properties of Grapefruit oil are also documented.  You can mix 3-5 drops of essential oil in water for a disinfecting spray, or add to your cleansing water when you mop the floors or wipe down surfaces.

Grapefruit oil can be used as aromatherapy in a diffuser, or a few drops sprinkled on your light bulbs. It can also be applied topically to the skin, but a carrier oil should always be used – place 2-3 drops of Grapefruit oil in water or a carrier oil before applying to skin.

Experiment with this lovely oil yourself! What do you want to make?  And, you can find many products at Una made with Pink Grapefruit essential oil, including body butters, salt & sugar scrubs, and room sprays.

Here's a quick and easy recipe for an uplifting hair tonic using grapefruit oil. Use this spray to control oily hair, add shine, and leave you smelling amazing!

  • Spray bottle
  • Aloe vera juice
  • Distilled water
  • Grapefruit essential oil

Add 2 parts aloe vera juice to 1 part distilled water. Add 10 drops grapefruit essential oil. Shake well, and apply to hair as needed throughout the day!