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Pittsburgh, PA


Una Biologicals is an independent company proud to bring you Organic Beauty & Wellness products. All of our products are hand-crafted just for you.  

Because we believe that your body deserves the best that nature has to offer, we use only premium organic oils to nourish your skin and never include harsh chemicals, additives, or artificial fragrances.  Our goal is keep you Healthy & Gorgeous!

Oakmoss & Vetiver Roll-on Natural Essence

Essential Oils & Natural Perfumery

Oakmoss & Vetiver Roll-on Natural Essence


Oakmoss & Vetiver Roll-on Natural Essence


Light hints of deep earth and subtle floral notes make this the perfect fairy's ally for forest frolics!

Ingredients: Organic Jojoba oil, oakmoss, vetiver, & lavender essential oil.

Recyclable glass bottle contains 0.35oz

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